Education in South Africa has distinct challenges. This country is on the bottom of most rankings regarding education. Primary school is not free in many areas, requiring school fees and school uniforms which are financially out of reach for those living in poverty. South Africa has a 45% drop out rate.  Because of the lack of primary education, literacy rates are very low with statistics that one out of every three people cannot read. South Africa ranks last in a recent report in the area of math and science and 3rd from the end in overall education.


As students move from primary school to high school, the drop out rate increase dramatically. First Love Ministries seeks to curb this rate with the Leadership Academy. Students in high school have the opportunity for discipleship, tutoring, leadership development, and support as they enter this more challenging period of life. This program encourages students to study and stay in school until matric, which is graduation in South Africa. Many learners who may not have a support system at home, will leave school before matric because of the pressure and stress. The Leadership Academy provides another much needed avenue of support for these high school students.